DMD has been working closely with the teams at Loblaws and Joseph Mimran & Associates for almost a decade and we were thrilled last year to have the opportunity to refresh the JOE FRESH grocery program. This was the original in store program that launched the brand across Canada and helped build JOE FRESH into an international clothing retailer. The grocery store-in-store program is a very important part of their business model and with the existing design being almost 7 years old (at the time) it was in need of some attention.

DMD first looked at the existing competitive landscape while assessing the current JOE FRESH fixture inventory, condition, and merchandising needs. A design audit highlighted where improvements could provide value, and what fixtures or assets could be carried forward to save capitol without looking dated or tired.

The new look with it’s added functionality has been rolled out to stores across Canada.


Scope Creative design, Industrial design, competitive audit, layout